Q: Do renovation companies only assist with home renovations?

A: No, a renovation company can assist with residential, commercial and industrial renovations.

Q: Do renovation companies offer free quotes?

A: Yes a renovation company will do a free site inspection as well as provide a free quote

Q: What is the first process of getting a renovation done?

A: A site inspection will need to be done first and then a quote. The plans would need to be approved first before any renovations can be done but this is depending on how large the renovation is. From there then the Roof, Foundation, Water Issues, Siding, Windows will all be started and then comes the end results.

Q: How does one plan a renovation?

A: First you would need to set a budget. From there you contact the renovation contractors and then begin to design what you have in mind. The renovation company will then be able to assist with all the subcontractors that are needed for the renovation from builders, plumbers, painters and electricians.

Q: Do you always need a budget when wanting to do any renovations?

A: Yes it is important to set a budget so that the renovation company can assist you in the budget that you have and work accordingly to it.

Q:  Is there a lot of planning when it comes to renovating?

A: Yes it is a lot of planning that will need to be done for the successful completion of the renovation job.