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Roof Repairs Die Hoewes was established in 1996, we have completed thousands of jobs and we have become the leading roof specialists.  We offer professional and quality service and all our clients that we completed job for have been fully satisfied with our services as well as our workmanship.

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Roof Repairs Die Hoewes  use the best quality products and have tried and tested many different products but have chosen the correct ones to use for each roof repairs.  We not only do roof repairs but as well as new roof installations. We also offer maintenance service on roofs, it is important to maintain your roof as you don’t want the roof to have any bigger problems.  Many of our clients get us to do maintenance of their roof and to check if there are any problems that we can stop in its track before it becomes a bigger problem, prevention is always better than having to spend large amounts on roof repairs and we can assist with that. Roofs get damaged also from weather conditions, water damage is normally the most common. We only use reputable suppliers and quality products.

We always aim at building a long lasting relationship with all our clients. We assist with residential, commercial and industrial roofs.  We come and do a roof inspection and before anything we will advise on the best options to maintain or repair your roof.  We will have a quote through to you within 48 hours. Roof Repairs Die Hoewes are a certified roof company and come highly recommended by all our clients that have used us to repair or maintain their roofs. For all your roof requirements contact Roof Repairs Die Hoewes today.

Roof Repairs Die Hoewes